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  • Journaling Journaling
    Journals and supplies for art journals, bullet journals, bible journals, calligraphy and more.
  • Magazines, Books & Patterns Magazines, Books & Patterns
    Various craft magazines, idea books and embroidery and parchment patterns
  • Masks Masks
    Masks/stencils in a variety of sizes
  • Mixed Media Mixed Media
    Inks, glitter, wax, polish, flakes, misters, paints, powders, etc
  • Stickers Stickers
    A variety of stickers by category
  • Subscriptions Subscriptions
    Magazines include: Parchment Craft, Tattered Lace & Parchment Lace
  • Tools Tools
    Includes adaptor plates, mats, cutting tools, colouring tools, glue, foam pads, grids and more
  • 9 Papercraft Techniques 9 Papercraft Techniques
    Pontura, Embroidery, Incire, Iris Folding, Ornare, Papuela, Quilling, Spirelli & Stencils
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